City to conduct maintenance and repairs in eastern segment of Lakewalk Trail        June 26-28

[Duluth, MN] - The City of Duluth will be conducting storm water drain maintenance and restoration of the eastern segment of the Lakewalk Trail starting Tuesday, June 26 through Thursday, June 28, 2018. The Lakewalk will need to be temporarily closed to public use during this timeframe due to the nature of the work requiring heavy equipment and the transport of material. 

High lake levels and waves have pushed debris into the storm drain preventing normal flow of rain water as witnessed in the recent rain storm. The storm water drains are located under the eastern section of the Lakewalk Trail between 21st Ave East and 16th Ave East. Heavy equipment is required to clear the drains and will be transported from the 21st Ave East entrance and staged on the Trail to access the impacted drains. 

In addition, this area of the Lakewalk Trail was also eroded during the October 2017 and April 2018 winter storms and had been temporarily patched to allow public use while the City worked on permanent restoration plans. Immediately following the storm drain work, the Parks and Recreation division will undertake a permanent restoration of the pavement and underlying foundation of the trail to prevent future erosion and ensure the integrity and long term resiliency of the Lakewalk Trail network in the instance of future storms. Additional storm related restoration is planned for later this fall on the western segments of the Trail.

Both projects are scheduled to be completed during the three day temporary closure of the Lakewalk Trail. 

The City requests the public avoid entering the project area as a safety precaution and recommends accessing the Lakewalk Trail from other entry points. 

The City appreciates the patience and cooperation of the public.