Survey of lakewalk users: Lift bridge to Brighton Beach

Dates:   August 14-September 10, 2017

Approximate range of lakewalk users surveyed: 250-300


Surveyors: Carol Burns, Dennis Isernhagen, Susan Isernhagen, Cathy Wood, Alison Clarke, and Barb Crowell  

Survey committee: Carol Burns, Barb Crowell and Susan Isernhagen



1.     There is conflict between bicycle and pedestrian traffic.  Areas of concern are:  speed of some bicycles, need for a bicyclist or wheeled user to “announce” themselves as they approach others,   and users (pedestrians, wheeled traffic and dog walkers) staying in the proper lanes.

2.     Directional signs with maps are needed near places of interest such as Rose Garden and also at any intersections where a lakewalk user would become confused as to the correct pathway.

3.     Water stations and more bathrooms would be appreciated along the entire lakewalk.


Traffic Flow and Issues


• Some bicycles go too fast creating unsafe situations

• At times pedestrians, dogs, bikes do not stay in their correct lane

• A positive idea would be to separate bike paths from pedestrian paths. Unknown where to put skateboards/rollerblades

• Another suggestion would be wider paths with separation

• Bikers and rollerbladers need to announce themselves always. Preferred method is voice

• Bikers need to stop at stop signs and very often this does not happen

• People using earbuds add to the problem of traffic safety

Safety concerns (although most responders did feel safe during the day, there were comments )

• Safety issues by Canal Park-Rose Garden and also East of 26th was mentioned

• Lighting particularly past 26th Ave E was not sufficient for safe feeling

• Almost everyone said they wouldn’t feel safe after dusk/dark


Regarding directions/maps

• Need many more directional signs with maps “you are here”.

• Tourists have become lost and not able to complete their lakewalk journey

Regarding Rules of the Lakewalk

• Signs of lakewalk rules are often never seen.

• Those rules that are important should have their own more readable sign. Note that bikers and fast wheels do not stop to read. Markings on the path itself may be an option

• Locals did know the rules of lakewalk even though many had not seen any signs


• A few noted some trash but a majority commented on the cleanliness of the lakewalk and the absence of trash.

• Some pedestrians say they pick up trash or cigarette butts. .

Request for water stations all along the lakewalk.

Need more bathrooms and porta potties in general

Dog rules: Picking up droppings and being unleashed

Most felt this was not a problem, but others noted that it was. Runners whose dogs run alongside of them don’t pick up waste. People like the number of doggie waste bags but there could be more

Additional comments : All users were very complimentary about the lakewalk. Thanks to the city of Duluth. Thanks to the Parks Department. Thanks to the city and others who do gardening. Both visitors and locals alike were very very happy with having the lakewalk. Many come to Duluth just for the lakewalk.

• Beautiful

• Clean and well kept

• Like the bicycle repair station

• Like the free parking at 20th Ave E.