A Joint Project with Duluth Monarch Buddies


In the Spring of 2018, Friends of the Lakewalk began planting milkweed along the Lakewalk.  The project was initiated by Duluth Monarch Buddies working with the city of Duluth.  Friends of the Lakewalk immediately signed on to participate, seeking volunteers from its membership.  Nine FotL members have adopted 6 of the 20 plots identified by Parks Department staff.  All together, about half of the identified plots have been planted. 


The Monarch butterfly population has dropped 90% in the past 20 years. The new milkweek plots along the Lakewalk, in conjunction with the Monarch “waystation” now under development at 26th Ave E and the Lakewalk are part of an effort throughout North America to help revive the species.  It turns out the I-35 Corridor is a perfect monarch highway!


The hot summer presented challenges for getting milkweed established, but it appears that 4 of the FotL sites and 2 of the Monarch Buddies sites have had some success. That leaves plenty of room for additional volunteers to begin planting in the Spring of 2019.


If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact FotL at