In 2016 Friends of the Lakewalk Board adopted this updated purpose statement:

Mission: To preserve, protect and improve the Duluth Lakewalk.

Vision:  The Duluth Lakewalk will continue to be preserved, protected, improved, and interpreted to provide a world class experience on the shore of Lake Superior.

Goals:  Friends of the Lakewalk will work with the City of Duluth on designated projects.

Take active role in:

·        Completion of the Lakewalk from lift bridge to Brighton Beach

·        Maintenance of the Lakewalk: 

·        Additions or improvements of amenities for public good:  includes kiosk signs for information and potentially directional signs

·        Safety of Lakewalk users

·        Partner with organizations whose interests overlap with FotL

·        Friends of the Lakewalk will actively seek input from the public.


The “Friends of the Lakewalk” was formed in 2008 and incorporated in 2009 as a tax exempt organization for the purpose of supporting the completion and maintenance of and amenities for the Duluth Lakewalk, Canal Park to Brighton Beach. 

The initial focus was on completing the trail from Canal Park to Brighton Beach, specifically the section between 20th Avenue East and 26th Avenue East and the extension of the Lakewalk from there to Brighton Beach. The immediate short-term goal of a gravel trail extension on the lakeside of The Ledges development was completed in 2009.  The extension to Brighton Beach was finished in 2013.

In 2014-5, The Friends of the Lakewalk participated in the City Council-appointed “Lakewalk Task Force” to address the section of the Lakewalk between 21st Avenue East and 26th Avenue East. In February 2015, the Duluth City Council approved the task force’s recommendation to proceed with planning a Lakeside Pedestrian Trail from approximately 19-15th Avenue East.  A feasibility study was prepared for the city by LHB Architects and was presented to the Council March 2016.  The pedestrian trail was deemed feasible, although some land acquisition would be necessary, in-depth preliminary work would have to be done, and monies obtained for the construction.